Socket.IO 1.3.0


Socket.IO 1.3.0 is out with lots of fixes, in addition to stability and performance improvements. You can also now configure the clients with custom SSL and reconnection backoff parameters.

  • Fix tests on Node v0.11 (dba462) [rauchg]
  • Fixed test runs on windows (19c442) [rauchg]
  • null and undefined origins trigger the origins callback properly with origin value * (GH#1936) [drewblaisdell]
  • Updated debug version to 2.1.0 (GH#1926) [coderaiser]
  • Fixed typo in README (GH#1922) [smart–petea]
  • Fixed a typo in an error message (GH#1943) [eychu]
  • Added test for reconnection after server restarts (GH#1939) [rase-]
  • Updated year range in licence (GH#1938) [fay-jai]
  • Added tests to better ensure that volatile emits work as intended (GH#1903) [rase-]
  • Fixed socket.leave when leaving an unknown room (ca82c0) [defunctzombie]
  • Added tests for SSL certificate options in Node clients (GH#290) [rase-]
  • Fixed broken build due to invalid deps (GH#296) [rase-]
  • Correctly abort the ongoing data request when closing transport (GH#297) [lpinca]


  • Use faster, new Travis build env(GH#785) [joshk]
  • Reconnection fixes and improvements (GH#788) [mokesmokes]
  • Fix travis env for running browser tests on PRs [rauchg]
  • Fix url parsing when uri string is undefined (GH#797) [defunctzombie]
  • The socket object now has an id property pointing to the underlying (GH#799) [rase-]
  • Only call xhr.abort() on error cases when polling (GH#319) [samcday]
  • Added SSL options or Node clients (GH#356) [rase-]
  • Fixed browser tests on travis for [rauchg]
  • Fix default port detection when host is specified (GH#366) [defunctzombie]
  • Fix test runs on some IE browsers that fire too many open connections (GH#368) [rase-]


  • Greatly improved documentation [grant]
  • Encoding payloads to binary only if the buffer contains binary (GH#37) [rase-]
  • Fixed parse error caused by the server encoding to strings if binary supported (GH#41) [rase-]
  • Use travis matrix for better browser test runs (GH#38) [rase-]
  • Allow sending binary in from old browsers as base64 (GH#36) [cvlchinet]

  • Fixed room memory leak by bumping version (GH#42) [barisusakli]
  • Fixed broken link in README (GH#35) [hannesvdvreken]

  • Fix confusing comment in add (GH#21) [marcooliveira]
  • Call the callback on delAll (GH#20) [marcooliveira]

As usual, you can grab the client from the CDN!

Note: 1.3.2 is the version tag on NPM.

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