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How to deal with cookies

When using the cookie option, the server will send a cookie upon handshake (the first HTTP request of the session), with the value of the Engine.IO session ID.

const io = new Server(httpServer, {
cookie: true

// is similar to

const io = new Server(httpServer, {
cookie: {
name: "io",
path: "/",
httpOnly: true,
sameSite: "lax"

You can test it with a curl:

$ curl "" -v
< HTTP/1.1 200 OK
< Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8
< Content-Length: 97
< Set-Cookie: io=G4J3Ci0cNDWd_Fz-AAAC; Path=/; HttpOnly; SameSite=Lax

Available options (from the cookie package):

  • domain
  • encode
  • expires
  • httpOnly
  • maxAge
  • path
  • sameSite
  • secure

This cookie can then be used for cookie-based sticky session, when scaling to multiple nodes (example with HAProxy here).

Application cookies

You can also customize the headers sent by the server:

import { serialize, parse } from "cookie";

// called during the handshake
io.engine.on("initial_headers", (headers, request) => {
headers["set-cookie"] = serialize("uid", "1234", { sameSite: "strict" });

// called for each HTTP request (including the WebSocket upgrade)
io.engine.on("headers", (headers, request) => {
if (!request.headers.cookie) return;
const cookies = parse(request.headers.cookie);
if (!cookies.randomId) {
headers["set-cookie"] = serialize("randomId", "abc", { maxAge: 86400 });

Please note that event emitters are synchronous:

io.engine.on("initial_headers", async (headers, request) => {
// WARNING! this won't work
const session = await fetchSession(request);
headers["set-cookie"] = serialize("sid",, { sameSite: "strict" });

If you need to do some async operations, you will need to use the allowRequest option.

Please check this example with express-session for reference.

Node.js client and cookies

Starting with version 4.7.0, when setting the withCredentials option to true, the Node.js client will now include the cookies in the HTTP requests, making it easier to use it with cookie-based sticky sessions.