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Version: 4.x

AWS SQS adapter

How it works

This adapter uses AWS Simple Queue Service to forward messages between the nodes of a Socket.IO cluster.

Unlike the existing package, this package supports binary payloads and dynamic namespaces.

The source code of this adapter can be found here.

Supported features versionSupport
Socket management4.0.0✅ YES (since version 0.1.0)
Inter-server communication4.1.0✅ YES (since version 0.1.0)
Broadcast with acknowledgements4.5.0✅ YES (since version 0.1.0)
Connection state recovery4.6.0❌ NO


npm install


import { SNS } from "@aws-sdk/client-sns";
import { SQS } from "@aws-sdk/client-sqs";
import { Server } from "";
import { createAdapter } from "";

const snsClient = new SNS();
const sqsClient = new SQS();

const io = new Server({
adapter: createAdapter(snsClient, sqsClient)

// wait for the creation of the SQS queue
await io.of("/").adapter.init();



NameDescriptionDefault value
topicNameThe name of the SNS
topicTagsThe tags to apply to the new SNS topic.-
queuePrefixThe prefix of the SQS
queueTagsThe tags to apply to the new SQS queue.-
heartbeatIntervalThe number of ms between two heartbeats.5_000
heartbeatTimeoutThe number of ms without heartbeat before we consider a node down.10_000

Latest releases

VersionRelease dateRelease notesDiff
0.1.0March 2024link-

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