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Monthly update #4

· 2 min read
Damien Arrachequesne

Hi everyone!

Here's the #4 edition of our Monthly update.

So, what's new in the Socket.IO ecosystem?

A new Admin UI

Following our focus on tooling, we have published a first release of the Socket.IO Admin UI:

admin UI screenshot

This Admin UI is meant to give you an overview of your Socket.IO deployment.

Here is the list of the current features:

  • overview of the servers and the clients that are currently connected
  • details of each socket instance (active transport, handshake, rooms, ...)
  • details of each room
  • administrative operations (join, leave, disconnect)

And the features which will be added in the near future:

  • overview of the number of packets/bytes sent and received per second
  • emitting an event to all clients, a room or a particular Socket instance

The installation steps can be found here.

The source code can be found here:

If you have any feedback / suggestions, do not hesitate!

Please note that the Admin UI does support a cluster of several Socket.IO servers too.

A new guide

We have added a new guide (here), using Socket.IO to create a basic CRUD application.

Video of the application in action

Version updates

What's next

  • a continuous focus on the documentation (additional code examples, extended guide, ...)
  • additional tooling around Socket.IO

Happy coding!